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Subscriber Add-Ons!

Once you order a Plant Curious Box, you then have an opportunity to purchase any of our Subscriber Add-Ons! All add-on purchases will accompany your upcoming Variety Box; either picked-up by you or delivered by us! Subscriber Add-Ons are only available to those who've ordered an upcoming box. (Anyone who purchases a Subscriber Add-On -- without also ordering an upcoming box -- will be refunded.)

Important Information: Don't pay for delivery twice!

When purchasing a “Subscriber Add-On,” please indicate "Pick-Up" (the free option) at Check-Out. (Either you have already chosen to pick up your Variety Box for free, or you have already paid for the delivery of your Variety Box! 

We will be working hard to create an ever-changing and amazing Subscriber Add-Ons list!

So... get a box, then get the Add-Ons!