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Everything you need to know to be a Plant Curious Subscription Box Pro!

Our subscription boxes currently only serve the Greater Vancouver Area and Victoria! 

 What’s in a Plant Curious Variety Box? 

You can expect to find items like locally made, top-notch cheeses, meats, drinks, desserts, meals, specialty items and some surprises ––all vegan, of course!

 How do we choose the products?

Here’s what we look for:

  • 100% vegan!
  • Locally made to support community!
  • Highest quality!
  • Small scale and passionate vendors!

 What do we mean by “local”?

By “local,” we mean that our products come from the Greater Vancouver area, Vancouver Island, and BC cities close to Vancouver.  From time to time, we may feature a special product from somewhere else, perhaps Calgary, Toronto or Seattle––if the vendor/product checks all of our other priorities.  (See above.)

Are all of our products vegan?


Can you get these same items at a grocery store?

You may be able to find a few of our vendors represented in a bigger grocery store setting, but we’re proud to support small scale vendors who haven’t yet scaled to that size, making them harder to find! 

Will I save any money?

Yes, we are able to get you better than retail price by grouping products and all of our subscriber orders together!

Do I have to become a subscriber?

The quick answer is yes.  Our Plant Curious Variety Box is a Bi-Monthly subscription. You will receive 6 boxes in a year, every second month. 

Even though our Plant Curious Variety Box operates on a subscription basis, you can cancel at any time before your next payment. (Payment is taken on the 5th day of every second month.)

Can I order "Subscriber Add-Ons" without ordering a box?

No. You must order a box before you can buy "Subscriber Add-Ons".

Should I do pick-up or delivery ? 

Consider this:  Pick-up saves you money ($8). Delivery offers convenience! Head over to our Pick-up/Delivery page for more help choosing.

At this time, only pick-up is available for Victoria boxes.

Where is the Pick-up location and what time can I pick up?

For Vancouver:

You can pick up your box at the Say Hello Sweets store, located at 620 Quebec Street, Vancouver, on the designated pick-up day. See pick-up and delivery section for upcoming dates and pick-up hours!

For Victoria:

You can pick up your box at the For Good Measure store, located at 579 Niagara Street, Victoriabetween the hours of 3pm and 6pm on the designated pick-up day. See pick-up and delivery section for upcoming dates! 

When is the Pick-up Day?

Our pick up dates are announced in the Pick-Up/Delivery section of our website.

 What happens if I miss the delivery of my box?


If no one is at home to accept your box, we will either leave it on your steps or take it back to the Say Hello Sweets store, 620 Quebec Street, Vancouver. We will then try our best to organize a way for you to pick-up your box or if it is easy for us we may try to re-schedule a second delivery. But please try to make every delivery work.


In Victoria we do not offer delivery.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

Super easy!

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone wishing to cancel their subscription!

(We have no interest in tricking people into paying for more boxes than they'd like.) Instead, our goal is to have satisfied customers, excited to receive our boxes, (full of great vegan products) and happy to take part in building a thriving and compassionate community!

How do I cancel my subscription?

There are two ways to cancel your subscription:  

  1. You can click on the “Manage Subscription” link sent to you in your purchase confirmation email, leading you to a Subscription page, where you hit “Cancel.” (Easy Peasy!)
  2. Reach out to us through either Instagram DMs (@thisisplantcurious), or email (info@thisisplantcurious.com) and we will help you cancel.  No problem!

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any point and your next payment will not be charged. If you have already paid for an upcoming box, you will receive that box but not be charged for any further ones.

What about allergies?

At this point, Plant Curious is unable to adjust our boxes for allergies.  Almost certainly some of the products we offer will contain some wheat, nuts, soy and possibly other common allergens.  Please make sure you carefully read ingredient labels before consuming any product.  If you have an allergy issue and find that you are unsure about a particular product, err on the side of safety and do not consume it.

Have another question?

Is there something you’re still wondering about? 

Send us an email: info@thisisplantcurious.com

Send us a DM through Instagram:  @thisisplantcurious