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Everything you need to know about Toronto's First Ever Plant-Based Deals Book!

 Which restaurants are featured? 

You'll find sweet deals to 36 incredible restaurants including:

Animal Liberation Kitchen · Aunty Em’s Deli & Cafe · Basil Box · Boon Burger Cafe · Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant · Burger Fiancé · Burger Tree · Chic Peas Veg · Cinnaholic·Community Restaurant · Creamery X · Eva’s Original Chimneys · Fresh Restaurants · Govinda’s · Green Bar · Guerrilla Burger · Hakka Ren · Happy Taco · Hello 123 · IL FORNELLO on Danforth · Jinglepear Deli · Julia’s Joyful Kitchen · Kupfert & Kim · M!LK Dessert Bar · Mavericks Burger Co. · Mugi Plant-Based Thai · Papyrus · Parka Food Co. · Pizzeria Du · Plant Lyfe · Revel Foods (Vegan Market) · Rosalinda Restaurant · Saigon Lotus · Soy Boys Burgers · The Proud Vegan · YamChops

 When do the deals start/expire?

Once you get your book, you can start using the deals right away all the way through to the September 1st, 2023! (A full year!)

     How do I redeem the deals?

    You can redeem your deal by presenting the full book at the time of ordering and providing the cut-out deal in-person at the time of use. 

    Where are the restaurants located?

    The majority of restaurants are in Toronto and you'll find featured eateries all over the GTA, including Etobicoke, North York, Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, and one in Hamilton!

    Click on the link below to see all locations on the Map!

    Toronto Deals Book Map

    Will I enjoy all the deals included?

    Every single deal in this book is meant for you, whether you're vegan or even slightly curious about plant-based food!

    I only dine once a month, is this worth it?

    Yes! Even if you eat out just twice in the whole year, you can save money! 

    How much will I save per deal?

    The average deal savings is over $10! Deals ranging from $5-$40.

    How much do the restaurants keep?

    Everything! We don't charge restaurants any commissions or fees, ensuring that 100% of your deal purchases go to them!

    Have another question?

    Is there something you’re still wondering about? 

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    Send us a DM through Instagram:  @thisisplantcurious